Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant

All of our Vegetarian is Vegan

We have many vegetarian dishes on our menu For our vegan friends, rest assured, all of our vegetarian dishes are vegan as well.

You will find a section of vegetarian and vegan meals on our menu, as well as a salads section with veggie and vegan selections and desserts.

Some of the favorite vegan dishes our guests enjoy

  • Falafel Platter with fried cauliflower and potatoes

  • Eggplant Stew with green peppers and tomatoes

  • Our Veggie Combo platter, with hummus, baba ghanooj, and falafel.

  • Mujadara, a lentil dish simmered with spices, mixed with rice, topped with carmelized onion.

Health Food Restaurant

As many of you know, the Mediterranean food diet is considered very healthy. It is very natural in the ingredients lists we use to make our dishes.


In addition, we source only top quality food, and prepare our menu items with fresh, whole foods without artificial ingredients or chemicals and preservatives. And finally we serve it fresh to your table – in large portions.

We don't hesitate to call it health food!

Come and Join us for your Vegetarian Lunch or Dinner